Amy Lambert | Endorsments
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SmallPreacherQuote4  Amy has been called by God to be a voice of hope to the lost, and unreachable people around the world.  I believe God will continue to use her ministry in mighty ways.


– Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

SmallPreacherQuote4  After being a part of INVASION since 2010, I can clearly see the call on Amy’s life to reach lost souls.  INVASION is a cool, modern tool to reach the lost and addicted.  I look forward to being a part of many more to come.
SmallPreacherQuote4   Amy Lambert is on the front lines, doing just what Jesus would do: reaching out to the outcasts and outsiders and demonstrating the love of God to them. As one who been transformed by the mercy of the Lord, she is now bringing many others into a life-transforming encounter with the Savior. This is the heart and soul of the gospel!


– Dr. Michael L. Brown, radio host and author


SmallPreacherQuote4  I want to commend you and your ministry to all who will read this. You are a gift of Christ to His global church. You have prepared yourself with godly leaders like Joyce Meyer and Reinhard Bonnke. You have submitted yourself to the re-ordering and transforming work of the blood of Jesus in your life and His light and glory shines through you. You have demonstrated exceptional leadership and organized ability through the gospel campaigns you have led.


– Dr. A.D. Beacham, Jr. (IPHC General Superintendent)

SmallPreacherQuote4  In my 30 years of serving in proclamation evangelism with Billy Graham and Franklin Graham, Amy Lambert-Frowine is a singular shining star for Jesus whom He is using to reach the lost in a separated segment of our society.   Amy’s  is an amazing story of God’s grace to her and then through her as an incredible investment into the very type of individuals that she once was. For their salvation she reaches the unreachable. And, He is giving her great success.  I recommend her ministry to any group of people in any locality who are wanting to reach into the community of the addicted and separated.

– Tom Phillips, Vice President – Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

SmallPreacherQuote4   When I think of the new breed of minister that is being raised up in these times, Amy is one that I think of. Like King David, she is a worshipper and a warrior with uncommon faith and vision. She is a great example of the walk of a true disciple, living the greatest adventure you can live in this life—the true Christian life.

– Rick Joyner