Amy Lambert | Equipping For The Church
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Amy is a dynamic speaker who has been blessed to speak around the world at various events including: festivals, concerts, conferences, and outreaches with thousands of people in attendance. Although Amy has been blessed to minister at large scale events, she also has a passion to minister to local bodies of believers. She ministers the Word of God with deep fever, and a strong desire to see lives transformed. She also speaks in local schools, rehabs, and at community outreaches. She believes that even if only one person responds to the message of hope found in Jesus Christ, that one individual has the potential to create a lasting ripple effect.


  • Community Outreaches– Community evangelistic services with a clear plan of follow-up & discipleship.
  • W1N-52– Training sessions for the ordinary believer to become a soul-winner, not on a special outreach, but while living everyday life & sharing Christ with those they encounter on a daily basis.
  • Chain Reaction Tour– Healing & freedom conferences with a focus on seeing others break free from the chains they are bound by, & training on taking the healing/freedom they receive to others who are bound, thus creating a “Chain Reaction”
  • Non-Conformity Tour– Youth & young adult conference with a focus on inspiring the youth with a message of not conforming to what the world says is acceptable & cool, but rather standing for truth in the midst of sin & compromise.
  • Women’s Events– Special focus on being women who have enduring faith, & equipping women to recognize their kingdom assignment, as well as overcoming challenges of being a woman in ministry.
  • Local Church Events & Conferences– Spirit-led ministry to equip the local body of believers.